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Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Delco Trailers, LLC warrants that its product, operated by the original purchaser under normal use and service, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (1) year from date of original sale subject to the requirements, exclusions, and limitations stated below.

Warranty Covers
This (1) year Limited Warranty on Utility and Stock Trailers and (2) year Limited Warranty on Flatbeds and Dumps, covers the structure portion of the trailer which includes the frame, consisting of fenders, crossmembers, side posts, exterior walls, roof rails, bows, and the sub frame. Furthermore, Delco Trailers, LLC warrants its paint application to be consistent with industry standards for (1) year after date of original purchase, with the exception of normal wear conditions and deterioration due to factors such as chipping, scratching, fading, cracks in caulk seams, road salt or tar, damage by animals or pressure washers.

Warranty Exclusions
Tires, axles, brake components, springs and suspension components, couplers, jacks, castors, mats, batteries, windows, doors, and any other auxiliary parts purchased and installed by Delco Trailers, LLC are warranted by their manufacturers and are not included in this Limited Warranty.

Warranty Void
This Limited Warranty covers only defects in original components due to normal use and will be void if
product is subject to accident, misuse, negligence, tampering, overloading, improper attachment, or
improper maintenance. Normal wear items including, but not limited to, flooring, paint , brake linings, and bearings will not be replaced due to wear . Loading in excess of gross vehicle load ratings stated on the certificate will invalidate any and all warranties. This Limited Warranty excludes any and all liability for consequential or incidental damages. This warranty does not cover a product which has been repaired, altered, or tampered with outside of the factory of Delco Trailers, LLC in any way without express written permission from Delco Trailers, LLC . If a trailer has been rented or used for commercial hauling, this Limited Warranty is null and void.

The sole responsibility of Delco Trailers, LLC under this Limited Warranty shall be to repair and replace parts at the Delco Trailers, LLC factory, an authorized Delco Trailers , LLC dealer, or another location with prior written approval by Delco Trailers , LLC. Any repairs performed at a location other than Delco Trailers, LLC will be granted $40.00 per hour for labor costs. Delco Trailers, LLC holds the right to refuse excessive charges for labor costs. Transportation of any trailer to and from your dealer or an approved repair facility shall be the responsibility of the trailer owner. All other obligations or liabilities including incidental or consequential damages or contingent liabilities arising out of the failure of any parts to operate properly are hereby excluded, including but not limited to any damages resulting from loss of use, inconvenience, loss of time, commercial loss or any other type of damages, general or specific,
foreseen or unforeseen, unless applicable state law provides otherwise.

This Limited Warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties and representations. Delco Trailers, LLC
makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, with respect to Delco Trailers, LLC whether as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any other matter. No one, including an authorized Delco Trailers, LLC dealer, is authorized to make further or additional warranties on behalf of Delco Trailers, LLC. All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for intended use are limited to warranty periods stated above, unless any applicable state law provides otherwise.

Warranty Acceptance
Upon the purchase of a Delco Trailers, LLC trailer, the purchaser agrees to the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, which is accompanied with the purchase of a new trailer. The purchaser agrees that he/she has been informed of the Limited Warranty and claim procedures and will perform all responsibilities under this Limited Warranty.