Standard Features


  Full Length Brush Fenders (3”x5” Angle Frame on 28’+)
  8” I-Beam Neck (10” I-Beam Neck on 28’+)
  1”x3” Tubing Sides
  1-5/8” Schedule 40 Pipe Bows
  3-1/2” Pipe Rear Bumper
  7,000 lb Torsion Axles
  Electric Brakes
  16” Silver Modular Wheels
  ST235/80/R16 LRE Radial 10ply Tires (Spare Tire Included)
  Butterfly Rear Gates
  Slam Latch Center Gate(s)
  2” Treated Pine Wood
  2”x2”x3/16” Angle Runners
  4” Channel  Crossmembers
  10,000 lb Spring Loaded Jack (Dual Jacks on 28’+)
  2-5/16” Adjustable Coupler
Safety & Electrical  
  Break-Away Kit
  7-Way Plug –In
  D.O.T. Flush Mount LED Lights
  D.O.T. Reflective Tape
  Safety Chains
  License Plate Light & Bracket
  Powder Coated
  Black, White, Smoked Charcoal Gray, Silver, Tan, Arizona Beige, Red

Optional Features


  Extra Bow(s)  
  7’ Tall  
  7’ or 7’6” Wide  
  3”x5” Angle Frame (under 28’)  
  Raise Neck 6”  
  31” Side Panels Above Brush Fender  
  8K Torsion Axle *upgraded tires required*  
  8K Torsion Axle Electric/Hydraulic *upgraded tires required*  
  10K Torsion Axle *7’ or 7’6” wide only & upgraded tires required*  
  10K Torsion Axle Electric/Hydraulic *7’ or 7’6” wide only & upgraded tires required*  
  Electric/Hydraulic Booster Kit *required with all electric/hydraulic axles*  
  ST235/85/R16 LRG Radial 14ply  
  215/75/R17.5 LRH Radial 16ply  
  235/75/R17.5 LRI Radial 18ply  
  Extra Center Gate  
  Sliding Center Gate  
  Full Swing w/Slider Rear Gate  
  Full Swing w/Slider Rear Gate + Center Pin  
  Full Swing Solid Rear Gate  
  Cleated Rubber Floor  
  Rubber Mats 3/4” Thick  
  Extra 10,000 lb Spring Loaded Jack (under 28’)  
  2- Speed 10,000 lb Spring Loaded Jack(s)  
  Hydraulic 10,000 lb Spring Loaded Jack(s)  
  Pop-Up Coupler (quick release coupler)  
  Black, White, Gray, Tan, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow  
Special Options    
  Full Side Door 42” Wide  
  Side Door Above Brush Fender  
  8’ Open In Rear  
  Bumper Pull  
  Bullet Nose  
  24” Tall Gravel Guard (Chrome Aluminum Diamond Plate)  
  Rhino Liner  
  Backup Lights  
  Extra Clearance Light(s)  
  Incandescent Dome Light(s)  
  LED Dome Light(s)  

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